7 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Sex

7 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Sex

Pleasure, from women’s perspective, is not a secret anymore. Women are more vocal in bed than men. They scream the loudest, they say if they want more, and they can’t hide orgasm coming. Secretly, there are also things that men are desperate for women to do to them in the bedroom. Since men are known as dominant in the bed, often times they are afraid to ask what they wanted to happen.

Even in the husband and wife situation, too often the husband is hesitant to speak up about his bed fantasies, and it even takes years before they could speak up. As a wife, it is your duty to also know the wants of your husband when it comes to sex.

Here are the seven things your husband wish you knew about sex:

  1. Have confidence.

There are wives who are too shy in bed they forget to relax, be adventurous, and submit themselves to their husbands. Men are dominant and they wanted to control almost everything in sex. If they see their wives so timid, they will start thinking if they are embarrassing their wives, or if they are not too good to unleash the sensual side of their wives. There is nothing exciting to see than a wife who is confident and looks enticing on bed.

  1. Have fun.

This is same thing about having confidence. When you are having fun, your husband will have fun too and sex will be more adventurous. Husbands do not want to be serviced because it is their wives duty to them, they wanted to have sex because they want to express their love for them.

  1. Don’t mind the way your body look when having sex.

There are women who do not feel sexy on bed because they are too conscious about how they look while having sex. Do they look fat, lousy, or distorted? Those imperfections are irrevelant to their husbands when going intimate. They see their wives sexier and more beautiful than she could imagine.


  1. Be comfortable in your own skin.

A husband appreciates if his wife does not dress sexual clothing when they go out, but he would be glad if she will put an effort looking sexy in lingerie when it is just the two of them in the bedroom.

  1. Be spontaneous.

Your husband wishes you are more spontaneous. He loves it when you initiate sex more and comes to him in unexpected times. It makes him feel that you are fully in love with him and you want him.

  1. Be creative.

Aside from blow job, your husband wishes that you will be more creative than your usual bed scenario. Hit him in unexpected erogenous zones. Aside from his penis, he also has so many sensitive parts that you can stimulate.

  1. When he wants you, don’t ignore him.

Don’t ignore your husband when he wants to be intimate with you because if you do, he will feel ashamed. He wants a wife who wants him sexually and if you ignore him, he will feel downplayed.

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