5 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Getting Married

5 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Getting Married

Marriage means, legally recognizing the union of a relationship, like a business partnership. In fact, marriage is exactly like a business relationship.

When you go into business with someone, you sign a contract indicating the details of that relationship. However with business deals, both parties usually have a more clear background of who they’re going into business with because the details are laid out in plain sight and discussed before merging. Why? Because, partnering with someone is a big deal. However, most people who get married sign a government contract with a partner, with little to no communication about the details because they get married out of fear.

To most, marriage is the ultimate sign of commitment and makes two individuals one. But the reality is, marriage is a contract. The same contract you signed committing yourself to anything, like a mortgage or a business deal. The commitment of a relationship is entirely exclusive to the actual marriage. Meaning, with or without marriage, the sustainability of your relationship depends on how much you’re willing to communicate, grow, adapt and get over yourself.

Too often, couples are putting too much emphasis on marriage as if it’s the ultimate sign of love and commitment. Truth be told, marriage is a contract and it’s no different than any other contract. The sustainability factors of relationships are the couples who choose every day to be with each other knowing they can leave at any time.

Intimate relationships are the most spiritual of practices. It forces you to think beyond what sounds nice and what feels good in the moment. We need to be very clear with our relationships before we turn love into a business contract. With that being said, here are some things to think about before getting married;


What do you both value in life? Some couples don’t know their spouse’s core values. You don’t have to have the same exact values, but they have to be near close because values align with your truth. If you aren’t aligned with your truth, how successful of a relationship do you think you’re going to have?

Sexual Needs

What do you both need intimately out of the relationship? The one thing that separates you both from other relationships is the intimate factor. This doesn’t mean just sexually, but intimacy is all about how you want to be shown affection.

Emotional Needs

When shits hit the fan, what does your partner need? Do you know their communication style? Do they know yours? These are all very important to understand because most relationship breakdowns come from the breakdown of communication.


What roles will you both take in the relationship? This doesn’t mean who will stay at home and who will be the breadwinner, this means knowing your strengths and playing off of each other. Be very clear about what your partner can handle and what you will handle so you both feel like teammates.

Future Goals

Are you on the same page about family matters, finances, contribution, etc? These are future goals that are very essential to know before getting married.

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